Prosthetic Reconstruction

Reconstruction (Dr. Cochrane usually partners with your own general dentist in reconstructive cases)

There are multiple possibilities with implant dentistry. After records are taken and the patient has done a consultation with Doctor Cochrane he will explain what your different restorative options are and try to guide you toward the best option.

A fixed prosthetic is a bridge or crown that doos not come in or out.

There are three options in removable prosthetics, Bar and Clip, Snap In, and Mini Implants.

Mini Implants:

Mini Implants are becoming more and more popular. The smaller ones come with ball and a rubber “O” ring snap. The larger ones come with a ball head and then vinyl inserts-snap. While they provide good retention and in general keep dentures from floating they don’t increase the chewing power at all. They are surgically simpler to place and thus less expensive and they are certainly easy to maintain. The success rate is good.



Milled Bar and Clip

This is a lower denture stabilized with four implants and ball attachments. The ball attachments fit into nylon snaps. The denture in this case was so retentive that we had to cut grooves into the buccal surface of the denture so the patient could get a “grip”.