Periodontal Surgery

If you are diagnosed with periodontal disease and the damage is significant Doctor Cochrane may recommend periodontal surgery. This is necessary when the tissue surrounding your teeth has degenerated past the point of non - surgical treatment.

Resective Surgery: Trimming away excess gum and bone tissue to eliminate the hiding places for tartar and bacteria.

Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery: Uses human growth factor to induce the regrowth of bone around periodontally diseased and damaged teeth. There are several types of grafting material Doctor Cochrane uses. He has seen the most predictable results with Emdogain and Gem 21. He has also begun using a laser in some of his regenerative surgeries for faster healing time and to minimize post operative discomfort.

As early as 1997 Doctor Cochrane was honored as one of the twenty dentists in the United States to have pioneered regenerative periodontal surgery utilizing Emdogain. He has as lectured at a number of periodontal graduate programs on Emdogain including Tufts, University of Iowa,, University of North Carolina, University of Georgia, University of Nebraska and University of Oklahoma.